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Oodles & Curly Coat Dog Shampoo

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Oodles & Curly Coat Dog Shampoo

Our unique Oodles, Poodles and curly coat Shampoo is a naturally based gentle dog shampoo concentrate.

A natural vanilla oil fragrance gives a deep, long-lasting freshness to the coat.

Formulated specifically with vitamins and oils that are essential for cleaning and maintaining oodle breeds and general curly coats.

Lanolin is used as a  deep cleanser and to help hold the hair strands together for curl retention. Pure Vitamin E is used for its antioxidant properties as it also promotes the circulation of blood to the skin & coat while natural Vitamin E oil is used for its benefits to the coat by helping it retain its natural moisture content. Vitamin E oil also helps makes dull-looking and dry skin look healthier and fresher.
Made in Australia.


Natural Vanilla oil plant extracts.
Lanolin, Vitamin E oil, pure Vitamin E, natural proteins.
Contains a conditioning agent.
Formulated using pure deionised water.
Naturally based.
pH balanced.
Soap Free.
Free of phosphates, parabens, sulphate and enzymes.
Animal cruelty-free - not tested on animals.


Concentrated formula, use only 30ml per 1 litre of water.