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Click To Pet Joint Guard For Dogs 400g

Joint Guard For Dogs 400g

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Joint Guard For Dogs 400g

Joint Guard is a vet recommended supplement to support joint health

Larger breeds, dogs who are overweight and some genetic predispositions can lead to an increased risk of joint problems that will impact their mobility and quality of life.

Joint Guard is a daily nutritional supplement containing glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and MSM. Joint Guard helps reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and promotes joint health.

What is Glucosamine

Glucosamine is what the body uses to make cartilage
It stimulates the production of cartilage, essential in joint health
Helps reduce pain and lameness

     How Chondroitin Works

    Chondroitin is an essential component of cartilage
    Helps build new cartilage, essential in joint health
    Helps reduce the breakdown of cartilage which can lead to osteoarthritis​

      *The chondroitin in Joint Guard is a high quality active ingredient derived from mammalian (bovine) cartilage so it is more effective for modulating osteoarthritis in mammalian (canine) cartilage than supplements derived from shark cartilage which has a different structure. 

      How MSM* Works
      • Has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties and is recommended as a joint supplement for osteoarthritis

      * MSM is short for Methylsulfonylmethane

      Additionally Joint Guard Has:
      • Manganese Gluconate – Aids in the formulation of connective tissues such as collagen, ligaments and tendons.
      • Vitamin C – Helps with collagen synthesis, as well as providing anti-oxidant properties.
      • Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant that relieves some of the oxidative stress that causes pain and inflammation.
      • Copper and Zinc - Helps the production of normal connective tissues and the framework for bones & cartilage. Copper also has antioxidant properties.
      How To Use Joint Guard

      It is really simple to use. Used & recommended by vets.

      Just sprinkle the Joint Guard powder on or mix in a small amount of moist food each day.