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Doggie Tea Dog Supplement 100% Australian - Love Me Blend

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 Doggie Tea Dog Supplement 100% Australian - Love Me Blend

The Doggie Tea Love Me Blend is a certified organic and Australian-made loose leaf tea blend for dogs made with various herbs to help maintain overall canine health and well-being.


Australian-made certified organic loose leaf herbal tea blend for dogs
Formulated to maintain and improve overall health and well-being for dogs
Can boost various body functioning, strengthen immune system, improve gut health, reduce gas
May alleviate itchiness and skin irritation as well as relieve anxiety
Natural source of vitamins and minerals
Can be added to dog’s food directly or made with other recipes like popsicles
Blended and packaged in Australia

Size: 30g of loose leaf tea (about 25 cups)
Ingredients: Certified organic ginkgo, dandelion, dill, Siberian ginseng, rooibos.
Doggie Tea Directions:Seep 1 teaspoon of Love Me Doggie Tea with 200ml of boiling water. Let the tea infuse for up to 10 minutes, then let it cool down completely before serving. You can also sprinkle Love Me Doggie Tea directly on your dog’s food (max. of 12 teaspoons a day).