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I have NOT RECEIVED this yet.

Cat scratching post

I have had my new scratching post for about 2 weeks and my kit has scratched the fabric almost completely off the post. I expected it to last a lot longer. Not happy with the quality I'm afraid

Hi Pamela

Our products are guaranteed for 12 months

As mentioned in our email to you earlier today, we are organising to sort this issue for you.

Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Best ever cat litter tray

Brilliant. No way cat can accidentally piddle down side.

Hi Barbara
Thank you for your kind review. This is a great litter tray for those cats that need a little extra height.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

The pole is very wobbly. Ok for now while kitten is small. Needs a longer screw or bolt at base level to make itorebsturdy.

Hi Sharon
We apologise for the performance of your product.
Our Products are guaranteed for 12 months.
Please send us photos and a description of the damaged parts to and we will work to rectify the issue
Kind Regards

Broken within a week

This product was very unstable from the minute we put it together and within a 5day it had fallen over while my cat was in the highest hammock..
I then removed it and put it away from them to came back to find one side of it fallen over. I am really disappointed with this product and will never buy this one again. My other cat tree I got my cats love

Hi Krystal
As mentioned in our email to you, our products have a 12 month warranty. We are currently working to rectify the issue, however, with the Christmas New Year break it is taking a little longer than usual. We do sincerely apologise for this.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Absolutely perfect for my 9 baby rabbits. They love it!

Hi Heather
WOW! 9 Babies, how adorable. Thank you so much for your kind review. We hope your babies enjoy their new toy :)
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Lickimat Soother Original Slow Feeder

Hi Peta
Thank you for your review
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Cat scratching post

Easy to assemble sturdy and looks great. My cat loves it

Hi Kaye
Thank you for your review. We hope your cat has hours of fun, rest and relaxation with the new tree
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Great quality and size

I'm really happy with this cat tree, I think it will be great for my maine coon kittens as they grow, they loved it immediately. I especially like that the hide box has soft sides that you can raise if needed, just in case you need to clean it or rescue a stuck kitty.

Hi Gypsy
Maine Coons are just adorable and grow big. You have chosen the perfect cat tree for them. Thank you for letting us know how happy you are.
Thank you again for your kind review
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Great Buy

Oscar loves his multi level tree/post, as soon as I get home he runs to it and yes I have to play with him great buy

Hi Robyn
Thats fantastic to hear, we hope Oscar and his friends continue to enjoy the tree for years to come.
Thank you again for your review
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

My dog & I love it. Thanks. I’m tall so the handle is a good height for me.

Hi Denise
Thank you for your review. It is a great model. We hope you and your dog have lots of outings
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Very happy with it and so easy to put together also so light I think my babies will be very happy with there Xmas present thankyou Happy Christmas

Hi Geraldine
Thank you for your review. We're sure your babies will love it just as much.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team


Love my Happy pet trailer/jogger, my dog loves it too.
Great service, arrived in 7 days after posted.
Would highly recommend Click to Pet:)

Hi Christine
Thank you for your kind words and your recommendation
We'd love to see some photos of your dog in the pet trailer.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Great coop!

I'm very happy with it. Perfect for our new quail's. Fast delivery!

Hi Melissa
Thank you for your kind review, we appreciate your feedback.
We hope your quails enjoy their new home
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Toppled Cat tower

To whom it many concern, I was distressed to hear from my Daughter that her cat, and normal sized, adult female domestic long hair cat had experienced a fall from the tower toppling forward as she jumped onto a platform. She would have been severely injured had the couch not taken some of the weight of the tower. The base seems too small to maintain sturdy balance of a structure that is subject to a single cat jumping onto a platform. The circular "dish-like" pouch bent down also from just her weight ! I have chosen another company to provide another cat tree.

Hi Lyndall
Thank you for your review.
Your tree should not perform like this. Our trees have a 12 month guarantee.
Please take a short video of how it performs with the wobbling and where the screws are loose and email it to We can then assess what we can do for you.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Looks great and Púca loves it.

This was ordered for my daughter’s feline friend Púca a 10 months old rescue. He’s very chilled and loves to sit up high and watch the world go by over the balcony. This cat tree is perfect for the purpose, it has lots of hiding spots comes with 2 lovely snuggly rugs that fit the hides holes. It was easy to put the screw set was neatly laid out in a box. It made the diy job really easy.

Hi Philippa
Thank you for your generous review.
We loved the photos of Púca, he looks so relaxed and happy in his new tree. I'm sure he is going to have an amazing furever home with your family.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Puppy pads

Love them. Delivery time amazing

Hi Georgia
Thankyou for your review. We're glad you love them.
Thanks again
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Gone in 60 seconds, German Shepherd 12 month old.

Hi Patricia
We apologise that your Kong Balls did not last.
These are only a product for fetching and not for chewing (as they are really only tennis balls) however this is sometimes difficult to avoid in a young dog.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

82cm Cat Scratching Post / Tree / Pole - Grey

Hi Zora
Thank you for your review.
We hope your cat/s have hours of fun with the new tree
Kind regards
Click To Pet Team

Really pleased and so easy for an 81 year old to assemble.

Hi Betty
Thats wonderful to hear. We hope your cat/s are having a great time on the new tree and keeping both yourself and themselves entertained
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team



Hi Chris
We are disappointed that you didn't contact us before you posted a review. We sent you the tracking as soon as your order was dispatched on 5/10/21. We have checked the tracking and your package is listed as delayed. Unfortunately, due to the increase in online shopping and where major cities are in lockdown, many routes are experiencing only minor delays, while others are taking longer. Please continue to watch your tracking for updates
Click To Pet Team

Love it

It's perfect. Just what 8 needed to cart my toy poodle around.

Hi Rob
Thats wonderful and great that your poodle can now get out and about.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Toys on top

Love the cat pole and so do my kitties. Only one problem with the toys being on the top of the pole, my cat has fallen off a few times playing with the toys...otherwise they love using it 😀

Hi Tracy
Thank you for your review. We're happy to hear that your kitties are having so much fun. Playing with the toys on top will assist with balance and agility.
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

Discontinued Timber Dog Kennel XLarge
Jennifer-Lee West

Timber Dog Kennel XLarge

Hi Jennifer
We responded straight away to your initial email and have been waiting for a response from you.
We are more than willing to assist you, however this cannot be done unless we know what we are replacing.
Your order was more than likely damaged in transit by the courier.
As requested, please send the information that was requested so that we can resolve this issue as soon as possible
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team

How can I review if I haven’t received it !
And the delivery is very concerning

Hi Janette
We do apologise that your package has not arrived as yet, however it is currently still within our time frame which you can see in our shipping terms here

As previously explained to you, due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns in both Melbourne & Sydney packages may be delayed, this is also covered in our shipping terms.

I have looked at the tracking for your order, which Aramex has now listed as delayed.

Please be patient, your order will be delivered as soon as possible
Kind Regards
Click To Pet Team